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Excellence Podiatrique understands that sports is not just about physical health but also mental health. We understand the willingness to return to sports as soon as possible and the frustrations that come from sports injuries of the foot or ankles. Common questions are: “Can I keep playing?” “Will I cause more damage if I continue training” “How long will I be out for?” At Excellence Podiatrique you can expect a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your injury, allowing us to answer these questions for you. We are passionate about treating athletes of all ages, with an emphasis on treating your condition conservatively, picking up undiagnosed conditions, education about foot types, foot and ankle mechanics, Sports footwear & providing advice on load management to the foot. We will ensure that your foot and ankle regain their strength and mobility in order to prevent re-injury in the future. We will ensure to give you long lasting advice to prevent other sports injuries.

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