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Assessment. Treatment. Prevention


Foot and ankle issues are often complex and are always multifactorial. Most of the time, they need to be analysed from different angles. Who is the best at taking into consideration all these factors? A foot doctor! 

Dr. Assia Abibsi, Podiatrist has extensive training in vascular, neurological, dermatological and orthopaedic conditions of the foot. She has 8 years of hand-on exposure to foot and ankle surgery, she also has a certificate in wound care management. She reads x-rays and ultrasound imaging. 

At Excellence Podiatrique, we take into account everything: the mechanism of trauma, your footwear, your work, your health in general, x-rays and soft tissue imaging like MRIs or ultrasounds and the past treatments to understand why they failed. No referral is needed, simply bring your medication list, a few pairs of the footwear you wear in your daily life and your imaging reports; we will be pleased to give our expertise: thoroughly, efficiently and straight to the point.

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