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Assessment. Treatment. Prevention


Everything related to muscular, tendon, or joint dysfunctions of the foot and ankle. You can expect a thorough assessment, a diagnosis, followed by a treatment plan. Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, bursitis sesamoiditis, osteo-arthritis, flat feet, tendonitis… are some of the conditions we help with. 

Excellence Podiatrique understands the hardship of the mining community and how repetitive, long hours of work boots can impact the structures of the foot and ankles. We use a holistic approach and our treatment plans will include everything from shoe assessment to a referral to a specialist if needed going through your medical history, medication list, imaging and your lifestyle. 

We are collaborative in our approach, we always tend our hand to your favourite physiotherapist or chiropractor to work together in a multidisciplinary approach through exchanging reports to follow your progress. We also keep your general practitioner or any other specialist in the loop. You are one, and we are multiple health professionals working around you, we make sure we all agree on the same treatment plan.

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