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We firmly believe that ingrown nail treatments should not be a traumatic experience. At Excellence Podiatrique, we made it a mission to treat ingrown nails in an understanding and relaxing environment. 

We take our time, we explain things, you will understand why a certain procedure is needed, or not, and you simply become part of the solution. If surgery is needed, please know it is a minor soft tissue surgery; you will be able to work the day after; it usually heals in a week or 2. If the idea of having an injection triggers you, simply communicate concerns and we can discuss your options. 

Please be reassured that we do our best to make the experience soft and smooth. The results are amazing, no more nail trauma, no more nail pain; you will be able to wear your favourite shoe without pain, to sleep without the sheet causing pain and you will be able to practise your sport without thinking of your toe, how amazing is that?

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