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Assessment. Treatment. Prevention


Diabetes can cost you your leg.


We understand diabetes, we understand the challenges that come with it, we also understand its dangers. Diabetes complications are preventable when the right information is given at the right time. Please book an appointment if you are newly diagnosed, we will make it easy for you to understand how it is important to take care of your feet daily. If you are newly diagnosed or are “borderline diabetic”, it is the perfect time to seek information because knowledge is power. 

Every diabetic patient needs to see a podiatrist at least once a year. You can expect a thorough assessment but mostly understand what and why we are doing certain examinations. Diabetes complications of the foot are due to multiple factors and not only diabetes; we regularly offer workshops to demystify this subject. You are more than welcome to assist at one of these workshops. 

Diabetic foot risk assessment includes: 

  • Going through your lifestyle, 

  • Going through your medical list and health in general, 

  • Assess the circulation of your feet, 

  • Assess the nerves of the foot, 

  • Assess foot deformities and point out risk factors like bunions, hammer toes, oste-arthritis of the big toe, etc. 

  • Assess your footwear and work boots, 

  • Assess your skin and nail and give you the tools how to keep them healthy.

 In case of complications, we collaboratively work with the multidisciplinary team of the regional hospital and your GP.

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