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Assessment. Treatment. Prevention


Dermatological Podiatry refers to everything related to skin and nail disorders of the foot, including:

Local manifestations of inflammatory conditions: 

Like eczema or psoriasis for example. 

Nail conditions: 

Like nail infections, nail deformities or ingrown nails. 

Nail surgery: 

Nail surgery is our niche. We perform in-office procedures to permanently get rid of your ingrowns. These procedures are made under local anaesthesia and under sedation if needed. The result is painless, aesthetic and without nail regrowth. It is surprisingly easy, you will be able to work the day after if you need to, and the healing process takes a week or two. If you are interested in fixing your ingrown nail for good, let us know and a thorough examination will be performed prior to the procedure to ensure the procedure is suitable for your condition. 

Skin microbiome: 

We understand the hardship of the mining community. Spending long hours in work boots simply and naturally changes the microbiome of the skin. The foot is not designed to stay enclosed for 10-12 hours. Sporty people are also prone to suffering from toenail disorders and skin infections. We help with conditions like warts, tinea, hyperhidrosis (fancy word for sweaty feet) or bromhidrosis (fancier word for smelly feet). The microbiome of the foot is rich and needs to always be kept balanced, we give simple tools to empower our patients to always keep their skin and nails healthy.

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