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Orthotics. Insoles


The mechanics of the foot and ankle are simply amazing. When you think about it: the same structure allows you to walk, run, swim, climb walls if you are into rock climbing but also simply carry your weight on even and uneven grounds. It is amazing how this structure embodies static (no movement), shock absorption, and dynamic (propulsion and movement) to all types of grounds and surfaces. 

Feet shapes are different from one person to another; in some patients, their right foot is quite different from the left and vice versa. You need a qualified doctor to have your feet and ankle assessed biomechanically. 

Custom made insoles or orthotics are a medical device, it is an honour for us to have the licence that allows us to prescribe those devices. We take into account: your condition, your foot type, your shoes and your lifestyle when prescribing orthotics. We use both methods to create the neutral position of your foot: 3D scan or casting the foot. It will all depend on your foot type and condition.

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