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Assessment. Treatment. Prevention


One of our values is being thorough; there is nothing more empowering than being with a doctor who listens, systematically goes through your medical history and all your imaging reports, takes their time to understand your condition and all the factors that impact the healing process; and we pride ourselves to keep this high standard of care.

Excellence Podiatrique will help you through your healing journey, step by step, and we will be offering solutions according to the severity of your condition, budget, expectations, and lifestyle. We explain things so that you are part of the solution and we use simple words for you to be easy to grasp.

Excellence Podiatrique work with local radiologists, radiologists from Perth, visiting specialists and specialists in Perth. The goal for us is to minimize your health-related travels to Perth. How would you choose the most suitable specialist for your condition? We pride ourselves on being collaborative and always refer to the most suitable specialist according to your condition.

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