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What can I do for my heel pain?

Heel pain happens quite often, it can be caused by many reasons. Most of the time, it happens because of the lack of flexibility of the calf muscle combined with a drastic change in your habits (started exercising, change in shoes, work more., weight gain...).

If you experience heel pain, my first advice would be not to wait before you make changes. I have treated many patients who were suffering for months r even years. The more you wait, the more it becomes difficult to treat.

  1. First, evaluate your footwear. Avoid flats, thongs, and flexible shoes. If you need professional help with shoe advice, We will be happy to help. If you see that none of your shoes respect those criteria, you might need to buy a new pair of shoes that are supportive (have cushion, not flat, not flexible). Go for hiking type of footwear, you won't be disappointed.

  2. Wear those supportive shoes all the time, even at home. This will change the pattern of where your weight goes through the foo, and will allow your heel to have some rest.

  3. If you can take anti-inflammatories, please do for a few days. If you can not, ice is a natural anti-inflammatory, please apply it on your heel for 10 min/hour (I know, it's a lot!)

  4. Gently massage your arch and heel

  5. stretch your calf muscle, please avoid stretching your toes, only your calf muscle.

  6. If after 1-2 weeks, this does not give results, please book with us an appointment, we will confirm what you have and will guide you through your healing journey; we will work with your GP your physio, and a radiologist if needed.

Finally, here is a little pun for you: "We heal heels, sometimes by using high heels! ". Please don't forget that we are a click away if you need our help!

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