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I have ingrown nails, what should I do?

First of all, I am sorry you are suffering from your nails. No one should suffer from ingrown nails, because like hair, nails should not cause any pain.

For immediate relief of symptoms

  • I recommend soaking your feet in warm foot baths (warm water with Epson salt) for 10 minutes everyday.

  • I also recommend gently massaging the nail fold away from the nail plate.

  • Wear open-toe footwear to avoid any pressure on the lacerated skin.

Those recommendations are good for a few days, and they are also good if there is no active infection. I do not recommend cutting your nail, as from my experience it usually makes it worse.

The real questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • Why do I have an ingrown nail? Why do I keep getting ingrown nails?

    • Hint: hereditary is not an acceptable answer ;)

  • Check your toes: do you have bunions? do you have hammer toes?

    • Those things cause abnormal friction between the nail folds.

  • Check your footwear: is it too loose? pointy? Do you wear them for long hours?

  • Are your nails too large/wide?

    • Hereditary is an acceptable answer :)

  • Do you sweat a lot from your feet?

    • Maybe you are a teenager,

    • Maybe you wear your shoes for too long (work obliges),

    • Maybe you practice sports.

    • For whatever reason; keep the moisture low, change socks if needed and apply antiperspirant every day everyday!

  • Are you a nail picker?

    • I am sure there are more efficient ways to reduce your anxiety! =)

  • Do you/ or does someone clean the edges of your nails? (like a pedicurist for example)

    • This overtime causes curved nails

  • Is there a bone spur that is pushing the nail from the inside?

    • Believe me, it exists!

  • If you have curved nails:

    • Do you have them from birth?

    • From a fungal infection?

    • From repetitive cleaning of the edges?

Believe it or not, there are different types of ingrown nails, depending on the cause and your age. If you want to understand your ingrown nails, please book an appointment. We will help you navigate through all these questions.

Now that I gave a few tips to do at home and explored with you some of the common reasons why someone develops an ingrown nail, please ask yourself this question: "Why should I be suffering again from ingrown nails?" I offer a simple, non painful, aesthetic solution to your ingrown nails. If you are interested to know more about the procedure, or simply want to understand the cause of your ingrown nails, I will be pleased to assess your condition and give the best advice according to your expectations.

From my perspective as a foot doctor:

  • Each ingrown nail is different,

  • Removing the whole nail is rarely necessary,

  • Treating ingrown nail should not be a torture,

  • General anaesthesia to treat ingrown nails is way too much,

  • Prevention is key,

  • Once an ingrown nail, almost always an ingrown nail. =(

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